Transfers for ATMs

ANAX Industry Solutions LLC is well-versed in all aspects of ATM rigging. We have an experienced team that can do a range of ATM rigging services.


ATM Installation

Our ATM rigging and installation services are performed by experienced, properly trained professionals. We offer site prep, wall repair, surround installation, kiosk placement, software upload, host configuration, and bringing live the ATM.


ATM Disposal

We also offer ATM disposal services. Automatic teller machines usually have a lifespan lasting from seven to ten years, not due to wear and tear, but due to new technology and new laws requiring ATM upgrades. ANAX Industry Solutions LLC will remove it, and then store it, ship it, or properly recycle it — no problem.

Attempting to transport such a heavy item like ATM machines is not advisable, as it may lead to health and property damage, as well as accidents. In some cases, improper disposal leaves the machine vulnerable to thieves and hackers. We have a team of experienced ATM disposal technicians who will properly care for the machine.


Other ATM Rigging Services

Apart from ATM installation and disposal, we also offer the following services as part of our rigging package:

  • Removal
  • Transportation
  • Storage


Experienced ATM Technicians

ATM rigging should involve a blend of experts. This is exactly why we have assembled field service technicians, drivers, project managers, and installers with years of experience in the trade.

ANAX technicians have installed numerous ATMs all over the country, for large banks to small, stand-alone financial institutions. We deliver the expertise and experience you would expect, without all the headaches.

Our technicians are also comfortable working in areas ranging from suburban locales to big cities, and are prepared to comply with the client’s unique ATM rigging requirements. In constricted locations, ANAX technicians have the expertise, patience, and resources to properly plan, prepare, and execute the project.

Our experienced project management professionals, will see your ATM rigging project through — no matter how big or small. With our one-stop capabilities, banks can enjoy seamless rigging services with the convenience of managing only one vendor.

Spare your business the stress. Let ANAX Industry Solutions LLC handle all your ATM rigging requirements.