Cleaning Services for ATMs

Will your cash machine pass the test, or will customers walk away disappointed? An automated teller machine often serves as a bank’s main point of contact with customers, and keeping it clean is important if you want to maintain your machine and your brand image. In addition, the dirt, which is typical in currency and checks, may slow down transactions, trigger errors, or cause the units to jam.

As one of the trusted names in the industry, ANAX Industry Solutions LLC offers professional ATM cleaning services, making sure the experience is safe and healthy for customers, as well as representative of your brand. We have been cleaning ATMs for many years now, and with our highly experienced technicians and necessary equipment, we are more than capable of handling cleaning projects even on a nationwide scale.

By hiring us, you can focus on the business and leave the cleaning to the experts.


More Than a Simple Wipe

Our ATM cleaning service is more than just a wipe of the machine. We clean everything that needs to be cleaned, including the dirtiest of them all — the keypads. We clean in between these keys where germs and transmittable bacteria grow.

We also take into account the sensitivity of the machines when performing this service. A medium-sized ATM takes about 45 minutes to clean properly.


Serving 48 States

Whether your bank is national or local, our ATM cleaning service can add real value and encourage higher usage. We understand that you cannot be in a hundred places at once, which is why we serve all states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

We serve some of the biggest banks in the country, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Capital One Bank, Wachovia, and South Ottumwa Savings Bank.

Your customers expect the best. Let ANAX Industry Solutions LLC help you deliver.